Pluscrates has added a library trolley with twice the capacity of other folding file trolleys on the market to its rental product range.

The specialist library trolley is being supplied by Samson Cart and allows access and movement of up to six linear metres of books, files or storage media using its six- shelf configuration. However, when only three linear meters of material are being moved, the cart can simply be altered to offer three loading shelves with balanced stability, saving on the footprint space occupied. When the unit is not in use, the folding mechanism of the cart means it compacts to just 32cm by 107mcm.

John Mitchell, Managing Director of Pluscrates said, “The cart is such a great piece of kit and a welcome addition to our range. It offers the best of both worlds for our clients and means that they can use it for large and small moves.”

The Samson cart is made from 100% recyclable content and has ergo molded hand grips to make the cart easy and comfortable to manoeuvre, whether being operated in its three- or six-shelf guise.

The cart is the only one of its kind to be recognised as a ‘Gold Standard’ product under the Cradle to CradleSM (C2C) Certification scheme executed by environmental consultancy firm MBDC. John Mitchell said, “We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and like to offer sustainable products that won’t end up in landfill. C2C certification has become one of the most important eco-labels worldwide. It shows that the product has been developed based on renewable and safe materials for unlimited recycling and re-use.”

Each shelf of the Samson cart locks into place for use with a 5% tilt angle to ensure that whatever is loaded stays in place. Whether the shelves are folded or fully locked into place for use, the cart’s five-inch polyurethane multi-surface engineered Colson Casters enable it to be turned on its own radius with ease. Each shelf is capable of supporting 56kg meaning a fully utilised unit can carry over 340kg.