Pluscrates delivery crews across the UK are now carrying floor protection as part of their standard delivery and collection kit.
Managing Director, John Mitchell, explains why.
“Most of the deliveries and collections we carry out are requested from us with less than 24 hours notice and often to buildings we’ve not had sight of before. Being prepared for the unexpected is what we’re used to and that’s especially the case when we’re attending new builds or newly refurbished premises. To place crates at delivery addresses and collect them at the end of the move our guys use aluminum Magliner sack barrows fitted with soft compound non marking wheels which are very kind to expensive carpets and polished floors. Never the less, our service delivery crews have reported to us, from time to time, that whilst such care is good, it could be improved – particularly when the weather’s foul. Their input highlighted an opportunity for us to provide an even greater level of protection and reassure clients that utmost care is taken at their premises. On such occasions, now and going forward, our service delivery teams will be able to add that reassurance using a combination of Flotex and carpet film to protect the floors – simple and effective. The best ideas so often come from the floor!”