Alder Hey Children’s Hospital – a moving experience for BCL

Alder Hey Children's Hospital Move with BCL and Pluscrates

The stunning new £237m Alder Hay hospital – it’s 270 beds and 16 operating theatres – are all now fully up and running following completion of their relocation in October.
Paul Flowers of BCL says “It was a real privilege for us to be the chosen relocation contractor to undertake the biggest relocation in the North West this year. The hospital does great work and supporting that work was a wonderful experience for us in every sense”.

The relocation project involved 20 articulated vehicles and a specially designed tunnel to move patients from one building to the other without taking them outside. Over 10 days 80,000 cubic foot of furniture and equipment were moved and over 7,000 Pluscrates packed and unpacked.
Louise Shepherd, chief executive of Alder Hey, said: “I am delighted to confirm that all our children have been safely and expertly transferred from our old hospital to our new home and we started receiving new patients also last week”.
BCL’s relocation brought to an end a two building project. In it’s first 24 hours of operation, the new A&E department took in 159 children and left the old site ready for conversion to new Parkland in 2016.
Pictured: the final BCL vehicle leaves site.

See our crates being used during the move in the video below (They are seen at 15 seconds into the film), from a BBC News item.

Alder Hey Children's Hospital Move with BCL and Pluscrates

Alder Hey Children's Hospital relocation with BCL and Pluscrates crate hire