Scotland depot achieves FORS Bronze accreditation

At the end of May, our Scotland depot became the third of our service centres to achieve a bronze certification from FORS. This achievement puts us well on our way to becoming a FORS accredited company by the middle of 2018.

Our goal was to get all five depots accredited with both FORS and ISO:9001 by the end of 2018 and we are well on our way to doing so. In fact, the way we are progressing, this goal will be reached by the middle of 2018.

Achieving such accreditations as FORS is a tribute to the hard work carried out by our transport managers, depot managers and driving staff.

FORS is not only a great way to ensure that our fleet is ‘ticking all of the boxes’ when it comes to the legalities and safety measures required to operate a fleet of vehicles on today’s roads. It also offers a great training plan for all driving staff. When combined with the CPC driver training undertaken each year, the FORS online training modules ensure that our team of drivers are not only knowledgeable about UK roads, but are also driving to a higher standard.

Some of the areas covered by the FORS online modules are:

Truck Smart and Van smart

Cycling training – offered in both a virtual form on the computer and as a practical course where the drivers themselves take to the road on bicycles.

Vulnerable road users

Safe urban driving

Smart deliveries – how to park safely and legally when delivering in cities.