Pluscrates rolls out dashcams fleetwide.

Samsara vehicle tracking software

Samsara dual facing dash camera protection for Pluscrates

Satellite vehicle tracking and telemetrics are nothing new to Pluscrates but the new dual facing dash cameras from Samsara raise the bar in logistic support whilst providing valuable dual video evidence protecting both the driver and the business from fraudulent ‘cash for crash’ insurance claims.

Stuart Stansfield – National Operations Manager at Pluscrates – says ‘using a satellite tracking report we successfully dealt with a spurious allegation that one of our vehicles collided with a parked car in a narrow London street. Our vehicle was in Southampton at the time!’

‘That experience prompted us to trial a range of dash cameras, though we quickly established that if they were to provide us with the level of protection we were looking for, we needed kit that was hands off, smart and automated.

Samsara ticked all the boxes for us. Simple plug and play installation linking with digital tachograph units to provide a full suite of telemetric driver and vehicle reports, 4G connection to the cloud for secure video storage and ‘harsh event’ alerts with video clips which have helped our guys refine their driving technique, improving road safety and reducing costs. We began our trial of the system in November last year and completed the roll out across our entire UK fleet before the end of January this year. The whole process mirroring our own service goal – providing complete customer satisfaction with quiet efficiency’.

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