Is a smart meter a good idea for your new home?

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At Pluscrates, we are dedicated to helping make our customers’ lives easier. We understand how stressful house moves can be, which is why our crate hire service is designed to streamline the process.

But it’s not just moving your belongings from A to B that you have to worry about when moving home – what about your energy bills? One of the many questions you are probably asking yourself is should I get a smart meter installed? They are a modern phenomenon that lots of houses have, but would you see the benefits of one in your new home?

To continue helping our customers with their house moves, we have compiled this handy guide which will help you decide whether a smart meter is a good idea for your new home.


Of course, with energy bills rising all the time, we are all concerned about costs. This is one area where installing a smart meter is largely positive – not least because most energy suppliers will install them for free.

Smart meters measure how much energy you are using constantly and regularly send readings to your supplier. This makes your energy bill more accurate to the amount of energy you are using, and for most people, this results in cheaper bills.

Plus, you can set daily budgets and easily see when you are going over them. This makes it simple to know when you are using a lot of energy and cut down your usage.

Moving home is a costly investment, but installing a smart meter could be a no-cost move that ends up saving you money in the long run. You can learn how to read a smart meter here.


Moving home takes time and patience, so some people may see installing a smart meter as an unnecessary add-on. They require a professional installation that can take a few hours, which can put a halt to your day, the last thing you need on top of unpacking. However, they require little maintenance following this and, as explained above, can end up being well worth this effort economically.

Whether you are planning on sticking with your current supplier or switching, most energy suppliers offer specialist tariffs for smart meter users, making the move to using a smart meter relatively straightforward.


We are proud to say that using crate hire from Pluscrates is one of the most environmentally friendly steps you can take when it comes to moving homes. Having a smart meter installed is another one. By keeping an eye on your energy usage, you are more inclined to reduce it so that you can save money. This, in turn, reduces your use of non-renewable fossil fuels, protecting these finite resources and reducing the number of carbon emissions generated by your home. Having a smart meter is one of the simplest, greenest options available.

Photo by Phil on Unsplash