Plastic crates can be sanitised between uses. Cardboard cannot. So cardboard can be used once and once only.

If you place a crate and a cardboard box in a puddle, what happens? The cardboard box will weaken and fall apart. The plastic crate will be fine. Made for British weather 😉

Soooo strong

Can use security seals when added security is needed



Are your boxes clean? You can’t wash and steralise them between uses. Our boxes are washed between each job.


Our super-strong, robust crates are built for moving and a little damp doesn’t make them weak like cardboard.


Our crates are plastic and waterproof, if you get the ones with no drainage holes, they can even stand up to a little flooding. Unlike card.


You don’t need to build the crates like boxes before use, you don’t need to tape them up and hope they hold the weight when full. Simple and quick!

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