Making Its Big Screen Debut… The XLSPR

Grey quilted screen protector for computer monitors

For many years, removal companies have used Screen Protectors to protect the screens of computers during IT moves. The standard Screen protector is H 43.5cm x L 46cm x D 17cm

With larger iMac’s more commonly used in business and multi-screen workstations being replaced by large, multi-window, single screen the need has arisen for a larger alternative.

Our clients spoke, we listened and we are now delighted to offer our new XLSPR (Extra large Flat screen protector). The latest addition to our product portfolio.

With the space to hold a screen up to 32” (including outside edge) our new SPR (Flatscreen Protector) is made in the same way and with the same classic design features of the traditional SPR but with the added bonus of an extra couple of inches.

Special features

  • Fibreboard inserts to provide added protection
  • Velcro straps to keep the SPR in place during transit and to provide easy access
  • Quilted design to protect from knocks, dust, and spills
  • Waterproof outer layer made from high-quality polyester
  • Thick high quality felt inside layer to help protect screen
  • Dacron filler sandwiched between inner and outer layer to add protection



The new extra large SPR comes in at H 45cm L 79cm x D 19cm which provides plenty of extra space for the larger screens.

These products have been designed and made specifically for Pluscrates and we have worked closely with our clients to get the specifications tailored to the needs of the removals industry.

These extra large screen protectors are available to rent through our website or by simply quoting XLSPR on your standard order form.


XL screen protector with original smaller one for size comparison


Image: XLSPR with standard SPR for size comparison